Restoration and Consulting

Renaissance Golf Design


     We prefer that our design reputation be based on our original 18-hole designs and our approach to that work is rooted in a deep respect for the ground we are given.

     At the same time, it is informed by an abiding appreciation for the work of the old masters in the field.  For that reason, we believe we owe it to the game to help preserve and restore the great classic courses of the past, when given the chance.

     We have been sought out by many top clubs to help identify and restore their outstanding features.  An index of our consulting clients follows, but we do not list them to try and take credit.  Rather, we take great pride in the trust these clubs have placed in us and we relish the opportunity to gain a more intimate knowledge of their classic designs, preserving them in hope that we will draw inspiration for our original work down the road.  




Works of C.B. Macdonald


Chicago Golf Club, Illinois Master Plan 2001
The Creek Club, New York Consulting, Greens and bunkers rebuilt 1992
Mid Ocean Club, Bermuda Master Plan, Greens and bunkers rebuilt 1997--

Piping Rock Club, New York

Rebuilt bunkers, Consulting 1985--



Works of Alistair Mackenzie


Claremont Country Club, California   Consulting, Bunker Restoration  2003--
Pasatiempo Golf Club, California Consulting, Bunker Restoration 1997--
The Valley Club of Montecieto, California Consulting, Bunker Restoration 1996--



Works of Willie Park Jr.


Battle Creek Country Club, Michigan Master Plan


Indiana Country Club, Pennsylvania Master Plan 1994--
Shuttle Meadow Country Club, Connecticut Master Plan, Bunker/Green Restoration 1996--



Works of Seth Raynor


Blue Mound Golf and Country Club, Wisconsin Master Plan, Bunker Restoration 2001--
The Camargo Club, Ohio Consulting, Bunker Restoration 1984--
Country Club of Fairfield, Connecticut Master Plan, Bunker Restoration 2000--
Shoreacres Master Plan 1993--
Yeamans Hall, South Carolina Consulting, Green and Bunker Restoration  1998 



Works of Donald Ross


Broadmoor Country Club, Indiana Master Plan 2001--
Detroit Golf Club, Michigan Master Plan 2000--
Catawba Country Club, North Carolina Master Plan 1998--
Essex Golf and Country Club, Ontario Master Plan, Greens Restoration 1999--
Essex County Club, Massachusetts Master Plan, Greens Restoration 2000--
Holston Hills Country Club, Tennessee Consulting, Bunker Restoration 1998--
Oyster Harbors Club, Massachusetts Master Plan, Restoration 2009--
Rackham Golf Club, Michigan Consulting, Greens Restoration 1993--
White Bear Yacht Club, Minnesota Consulting, Green and Bunker Restoration 1996--
York Golf and Tennis Club, Maine Consulting, Bunker Restoration 1998--
Misquamicut Club, Rhode Island Consulting, Bunker Restoration 2005--


Works of Herbert Strong

Canterbury Golf Club, Ohio Master Plan 2000--
Inwood Country Club, New York Master Plan, Bunker Restoration 1998--



Works of Albert Tillinghast


San Francisco Golf Club, California Master Plan 2001--
Shawnee on Delaware, Pennsylvania Consulting  2003--
Somerset Hills Country Club, New Jersey Consulting 2005--



Works of Walter Travis 


Cape Arundel Golf Club, Maine Consulting, Bunker Restoration 1996--
Country Club of Troy, New York Consulting, Bunker Restoration 1999--
Ekwanok Golf Club, Vermont Master Plan, Bunker Restoration 1999--
Garden City Golf Club, New York Consulting, Bunker and Green Restoration 1986--



Additional Clubs


Barrington Hills Country Club, Illinois Consulting ( Roseman/O'Neil) 2000--
Belvedere Golf Club, Michigan Consulting (W.Watson) 2001--
Findlay Country Club, Ohio Reconstruction (Bendelow) 1998--
Hillwood Country Club, Tennessee Reconstruction (B.Johnson) 1998--
Leland Country Club, Michigan Consulting 2009--
Milwaukee Country Club, Wisconsin Consulting (Colt & Alison) 2004--
Northport Point Club, Michigan Consulting and Bunker Redesign 2000--
North Shore Golf Club, Wisconsin Reconstruction (L.Macomber) 2000--
Onwentsia Club, Illinois Reconstruction (Foulis) 1997--
Rosapenna Hotel and Golf Resort, Co. Donegal, Ireland Strand Nine redesign (Ruddy) 2007--


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