Alternative Courses

While not an exhaustive list, we enjoyed these projects and look forward to working on more in the future.
October 2017


Children's Course at Common Ground - Built for free with the excess materials from our redesign project at CommonGround, the nine-hole Children's Course is a par-3 course reserved for local kids and their parents, operated by the Colorado Golf Association. It has become the centerpiece for community outreach programs, golf training as part of elementary-school gym classes, and the Solich Caddie and Leadership Foundation, which subsidizes caddie jobs for local kids so that they can become eligible for the Eisenhower-Evans Scholarships Program.

Midnight Golf Practice Facility - We donated our services to design and build this small practice facility and par-3 course on the urban campus of Marygrove College, to give Detroit's Midnight Golf Program a real home.

The Loop at Forest Dunes - The only full-length, completely reversible course in the world, The Loop is two courses in one: the Black course plays clockwise and the Red counterclockwise over the same fairways and greens, with the direction reversed each day so that overnight visitors can compare and contrast the two. The whole purpose was to get visitors to stay over at the resort instead of moving on to other local courses, but the concept has generated worldwide interest and publicity. Early feedback is that the two courses are more different than anyone imagined — even though you are playing to the same greens, the background for each approach is so different that you don't recognize the green you played yesterday.

The Mulligan Course, Ballyneal - When Ballyneal g.m. Dave Hensley asked us what we could do with seven more acres of turf — the water rights the club he had left over from managing our 18-hole course — I never imagined we would be able to build a par-3 course with 12 greens and two different loops to play. Built in the tumbling dunes between the 1st, 2nd, 8th and 9th holes of the main course, we've built some of the best par-3 holes no one would ever let us build on a "regulation" course, with greens ranging from 2,500 square feet to 15,000, in every configuration from a punchbowl to a boomerang to a Himalayas blind par-3 and the Mother of All Biarritz greens. We don't' know a club whose members have more fun playing golf than Ballyneal, and the Mulligan will crank up the dial even louder.

The Sheep Ranch - Probably the most free-form golf course ever, The Sheep Ranch occupies 100 acres just north of Bandon Dunes Resort. The concept was to create a place for members to play a few holes before or after their rounds at the resort, making up their own course on the fly. Each of the thirteen greens is designed to be approached from multiple angles, so that players can choose to go from one green to any other, or backwards and forwards along the coast. A difference of opinion between the partners has kept the course in limbo since we finished it in 2002, but many who have played it include it among their most special experiences in golf.

The Punchbowl at Bandon Dunes - Opened in 2013, The Punchbowl is an homage to the Ladies' Putting Course at St. Andrews, and represents the biggest and wildest putting course in America, with more than 100,000 square feet and nearly 25 feet of elevation change from the highest point to the bottom of the bowl. The Punchbowl serves as evening activity for golfers who have just arrived to the resort, or those who just haven't got enough golf in that day.

Tillinghast Approach Course at Shawnee - Located at the back end of the practice area at Shawnee Inn & Resort, a dramatic piece of land, particularly in the fall, where Tillinghast built his first golf course on an island in the middle of the Delaware river. The Approach Course is operated out of Tillie's Pub give and this par-3 concept course features replicas of famous Tillinghast short approaches; from San Francisco Golf Club, to Baltusrol, etc.