T. Eliot Ross, Jr.

Vice President of Strategy

January 26, 1979


  • BA in Politics from Princeton University, 2001
  • Study Abroad Program, Junior Year, University of Cape Town, South Africa, 2000
  • MBA from Columbia University, 2010 (while working full time)

Previous Experience:

I was first introduced to golf by my dad on the range of Pickering Valley Golf Course outside Philadelphia when I was 8 years old. Almost immediately after moving to their "big course” I was asking my dad if we could play just one more hole.  A few years later we joined Gulph Mills Golf Club and I discovered that I absolutely loved seeing new courses.  It didn't take long for me to realized that the best way to experience many of the great courses on the Main Line was to play junior golf — and the best way to pay for the gas and entry fees was by caddying.  My early and devoted education in all things golf yielded a Varsity letter as a walk-on freshman in college — my last competitive golf achievement. While I may have left school without a Tour card, I was luckily enough to have a job which turned into my first career.

My finance career actually began with summer internships at an asset management firm.  During my senior year, I was recruited by JPMorgan to work in a group that provided strategic advice and portfolio management to some of the bank’s most sophisticated international private clients.  I traveled extensively right off the bat; working for this demanding set of clients across various parts of the bank.  It was very diverse work that satisfied several specific intellectual urges as well as the general satisfaction of solving complex puzzles.  I proved helpful enough to become a partner after only a few years and I was lucky enough to have landed in a team with 6–8 colleagues with the highest ethical standards.

Renaissance is a long, long way from working on Wall Street, but in many ways I feel I have come home.  I love this game and the playgrounds it occupies, and I am grateful for the opportunity to make a living doing what I love.  Tom and I saw some natural fits early on in our conversations and the more I learned about the workings and goals of Renaissance, the more encouraged I was about making a contribution. Ultimately, this role is reality because of Tom's imagination and business acumen — and possibly a bit of my persistence.  

I continue to be absolutely humbled by all the talent around me.  I am not professionally artistic like most of my colleagues but they respect my gifts just as I respect theirs, and the resulting communication allows us to plow ahead with every manner of project, knowing that Tom will efficiently allocate our contributions.  My #1 goal at all times is to see RGD accomplish our game changing goals — I will save the specific strategy for later.

  • 2001-2004 – JP Morgan, Analyst
  • 2004-2008 – Lehman Brothers, Associate
  • 2008-2012 – Barclays, Vice President
  • 2012-2017 – Morgan Stanley, Senior Vice President