T. Eliot Ross, Jr.

Vice President of Strategy

January 26, 1979


  • BA in Politics from Princeton University, 2001
  • Study Abroad Program, Junior Year, University of Cape Town, South Africa, 2000
  • MBA from Columbia University, 2010 (while working full time)

Previous Experience:

I grew up in the burbs of Philadelphia.  As a kid I got pretty good grades and played a few sports - golf was one of them.  I Played enough junior golf to see some courses and that got me interested in drawing different types of holes on my Denny's napkins.  Eventually, we joined Gulph Mills and admittedly I became a bit spoiled-seeing many wonderful golf courses in my youth.  I kept my game sharp and played for part of college before moving to New York in June 2001 to join Wall Street.  There were quite a few problems with my timing, but through the sadness and the stress I met my wife, had a kid, and eventually figured out that I was pretty good at what I loved. THIS.