Eliot Ross

Vice President 

January 26, 1979


  • BA in Politics from Princeton University, 2001
  • Independent Research Work, University of Cape Town, South Africa
  • MBA from Columbia University, 2010 

I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia.  Gulph Mills Golf Club was a wonderful place to play as a kid and by the time I was in high school I was obsessed with the game and it’s playgrounds.  Playing  as a junior in a golf course filled city like Philly exposed me to some very fine courses early on, and even today, when I see unique or inspired golf, I’m taken back to those early thrills.  It felt/feels like I am home - once again.

 I kept my game sharp enough to play a bit in college before moving to New York in  2001 to Begin a life as yet another person paid money to care about other people’s & company’s  money. Too be fair: I wasn’t TOO jaded...I got to travel around the world, I got married, I had a kid, and I played or walked a lot of golf in the New York area.  Adding much of the MGA roster to the GAP’s spoiled me - but more so it motivated me to see even more.  

My passion for golf architecture eventually bubbled to the surface, and after 16 years in finance, I moved into this job.  My colleagues are wonderful people and creative in ways that inspires me.  

I am very, very excited by what we are working on these days......stay tuned.