Grand Saint Emilionnais Golf Club

Opened 2015

Set in the heart of the Bordeaux wine region, the old stone town of St. Emilion is certainly the nicest place we've ever had to go to dinner each night after work.  Laid out over rolling, wooded terrain, with a strong oak flavor and hints of heather and gorse, the full-bodied course belies its 6200-meter length with a course rating of 73.8.  Only 36 bunkers were necessary to complement the strategy of the holes, which is generally dictated by the small, undulating greens.

In keeping with the ethos of the wine region, the new golf course is self-sufficient in its water supply, with no bore water for supplement.  All of the rainwater that falls on the site is collected through a network of small streams and ditches that we created, and directed to large holding ponds at the bottom of the valley which are the sole irrigation supply for the course; it is required to subsist on what nature allows, so fescue grasses have been used throughout the course to reduce irrigation demands.

The course has matured nicely since opening and presented as a firm and fast test during the 2018 Renaissance Cup.  The Club is starting to pop up on various listings of the top golf courses in France and Europe and we are delighted for our client, the Mourgue d’Algue family.